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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers about College View Seventh-day Adventist Church Building Project

What is the building project campaign?
This campaign is the fruition of our planning for the future of our church family. With it’s successful completion we will raise the resources to finance the building of our facility master plan. The building details of this plan are laid out in the campaign brochure "The Building Campaign 2003-2008," and has a goal of $5 million dollars.

What will our facility master plan enable us to accomplish?
In developing and realizing our facility master plan, the church family will benefit in the following ways:
  1. Adds a large youth center within our church building.
  2. Provides an on-site meeting place for Sabbath School and various activities and meetings.
  3. Enhances our church complex by providing 77 additional parking spaces, including handicap parking.
  4. Features a convertible multipurpose fellowship hall on the main floor, designed to accommodate up to 400 people for dining, meetings, presentations, concerts, social activities, etc. This is located beside a new commercial kitchen with two serving counters that open into the fellowship hall and lobby.
  5. Adds six adult Sabbath School classrooms.
  6. Converts Level 2 Annex into a chapel, which could accommodate more intimate events, such as weddings, funerals and other programs.
  7. Relocates our church administrative and pastors’ offices next to the main entrance for easy handicap accessibility and community visibility.
  8. Expands our current restroom facilities while providing a single-occupancy handicap restroom. A new set of restrooms is also being constructed in the lower level of the new addition.
  9. Beautifies our church with a new expanded entrance and lobby with a spacious, bright, inviting "welcome and fellowship space" that enhances our community presence by being visible from South 48th Street and Prescott Avenue.
  10. Provides a new elevator that allows accessibility to all levels of the annex and new addition.
  11. Offers our church family a parlor and a church library for study and fellowship.
  12. Adaptable master plan design allows for additional future facility needs.

What research was done to support the decision to carry out this project?
Considerable planning and prayer helped us develop our facility master plan. This project is based on the results of a needs assessment, an in-depth feasibility study, and consultation with church members, staff, and the architectural firm of Bahr Vermeer Haecker. When the input from all the parties had been reviewed and discussed, we developed our facility master plan. The church board, finance committee and the church in business session approved it. Like all plans, it is subject to adjustment as actual development and construction costs become more apparent.

Must I make a pledge?
One of the fundamental responsibilities of our faith is that of supporting the church and committing ourselves to the church’s mission for the benefit of the whole community. Since this project has clearly emerged from expressed and verified needs of our church family, every member of the church is invited to give serious consideration to his/her own responsibility for its support. All gifts are welcome. However, one-time out-of-pocket giving will not enable us to reach our goal. Because our goal is very ambitious, members are urged to increase the effectiveness of their gifts by pledging and budgeting it over a five-year pledge period.

How are pledges made?
You will be contacted and asked to invest in the project by making a pledge to this campaign. An initial contribution with your pledge is suggested but not necessary. Your signing of a pledge card does not constitute a legal obligation, but a moral intent. In the event of a change in your economic status, your pledge may be altered.

When shall I start making payments on my pledge?
When you begin payment on your pledge is up to you. Of course the sooner we have the money in the bank the sooner we can begin construction.

What is my share?
Your pledge should be based on the dictates of your conscience. A budgeted giving chart is included to serve as a guide. Don’t give until it hurts–give until it feels good!

What constitutes a gift?
A gift may be any negotiable asset of realistic market value. Stocks. commodities, insurance, real estate, or bonds are alternatives to cash. You may also wish to consider bequests and the creation of a trust, such as a charitable annuity trust.

Who designed the schematic drawings?
Our architect, Dan Spiry, was commissioned to design a plan to meet our identified needs. He studied our needs and consulted the pastors, staff, church members, and met with various committees. There were numerous changes and adoptions before we arrived at our present plan. His drawings are the basis for our desired expansion.

Why should we embark on a building campaign now?
Many reasons can be cited: The need for meeting spaces for our youth and young adults within our facility, the needs for more parking and additional restrooms, and easily visible entrance and offices that are handicap accessible. To adequately serve our family and our community we believe NOW is the time to move ahead with this project. Much prayer and planning have gone into this decision.

When will we begin construction on our church expansion?
When we have 50% of the project cost in hand we can begin the work.

Will the church members be assessed?
Absolutely not! Guidelines for sacrificial giving may be suggested, but the amount is strictly up to the individual member.

Who will be asked to participate?
The plans call for every family in the church to be asked to participate.

When will solicitation begin?
Solicitation will be conducted in three stages: Pacesetters, Special Gifts, and Church Family. The Pacesetters and Special Gifts solicitation will begin in September and the Church Family solicitation will begin in November.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes. All contributions to our campaign are deductible in accordance with federal tax law.

Can my gift be made as a memorial or in honor of someone?
Yes. Gifts may be designated to perpetuate the name or memory of a friend or loved one.

How will the pledges be paid?
You have the option of paying your pledge annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly or in any other way you desire. You may also make payments through the use of automatic withdrawal procedures. Each donor will receive updates in accordance with his/her stated methods of payment.

Is the pledge to the building campaign in addition to our regular tithe and other offerings?
Yes, it is. The gift should not in any way interfere with your current giving.

How much should I give?
This is a question each of us must answer in our hearts. A goal of this magnitude cannot be realized without generosity. Our gifts should not in any way interfere with our current giving.

Please pray for this building campaign that our mission and ministry may be strengthened.