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Financial Plan

After considerable prayer, careful planning began, which included

  • a needs assessment
  • an in-depth feasibility study
  • consultation with church members
  • an architect.
The church board, finance committee and the church in business session approved a master plan to initiate a capital campaign to support the building of additional facilities for our church.  The figures on this page represent an estimate of the costs that will be incurred to carry out this plan and the strategy to raise the funds to finance the project.

It is a long-range plan; like all plans, this is subject to adjustment as the actual development and construction costs become apparent.  The following figures are our best estimate.


Main Level Addition: Entrance Lobby, Church Office, Fellowship Hall / Classrooms, Kitchen, Parlor, Library, and Elevator

$2,430,000 – 2,645,000
Remodel Main Annex Level into Chapel $115,000
Expand existing Restrooms and add Family Accessible Restroom  $50,000
Lower Level Addition: Youth Room, Young Adult Room, Restrooms $830,000 – 935,000
Optional unfinished basement for future development $190,000
49th Street vacation and acquisition allowance $50,000

Additional site acquisition, utilities, grading, parking, lighting & landscaping

Contingency and Fees, Furnishing & Equipment allowance $575,000 – 620,000
TOTAL PROJECT COST $4,590,000 - $4,955,000


Serving Our Family Campaign (2003-2008) $4,369,000
Kansas/Nebraska Conference $500,000
Cash on Hand $131,000