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CVC Site Diagram

 In developing and realizing our facility master plan, we will benefit our church family in the following ways:

  1. Serves our youth by adding a large youth center within our church building.
  2. Serves our young adults by providing an on-site meeting place for Sabbath School and various activities and meetings.
  3. Enhances our church complex by providing 77 additional parking spaces. Includes handicap parking spaces.
  4. Features a convertible fellowship hall on the main floor designed to accommodate up to 400 persons for multiple use of dining, meetings, presentations, concerts, social activities, etc. This is located beside a new commercial kitchen with two serving counters that open into the fellowship hall and lobby.
  5. Adds six Adult Sabbath School classrooms.
  6. Level 2 Annex becomes a chapel, which could accommodate more intimate events such as weddings, funerals and other programs.
  7. Locates our church administrative and pastor’s offices next to the main entrance for easy handicap accessibility and visibility.
  8. Expands our current restroom facilities while providing a single-occupancy handicap restroom. A new set of restrooms is also being constructed in the lower level of the new addition.
  9. Beautifies our church with a new expanded entrance & lobby with a spacious, bright, inviting “welcome and fellowship space” that enhances our community presence by being visible from South 48th St. and Prescott Avenue.
  10. Provides a new elevator that allows accessibility to all levels of the annex and new addition.
  11. Offers our church family a parlor and a church library for study and fellowship.
  12. Adaptable master plan designing allows for additional future facility needs.