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Our Goals

In order carry out the vision of the College View Church, the following "Strategic Plan" has been developed:

  • Comprehensive Communication Effectively communicate our mission, vision, goals and activities of all church ministries to leaders, members and the community.
  • Community Outreach Establish a culture of evangelism where every active member is empowered to discover and practice his or her role in leading people to Christ and into fellowship at the church.
  • Exemplary Leadership Create a leadership environment where every ministry leader is equipped, supported and guided by our mission, core values and regular vision casting.
  • Facilities Planning Manage facility growth and space utilization through a comprehensive and ongoing master planning process.
  • Financial Planning Fund all approved ongoing and new ministries and capital campaigns.
  • People Discipleship Effectively identify new people and begin the assimilation process within 14 days so that all people connected to our congregation are given the opportunity to become active and growing Christians.
  • Worship Experiences Facilitate regular worship experiences that reach diverse groups of people to bring us into unity with God.