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Bibleinfo.com helps people around the world discover what the Bible says about life's questions. Here you will find counsel, direction, encouragement, and help — all from God's word.

KidsBibleInfo.com focuses on answering Bible questions for children.

Free Bible Guides

You can receive the Discover Bible courses absolutely free of charge. You may study the lessons on the Internet, your cell phone, or by mail. The Bible is a valuable resource for learning and for living. Become acquainted with the Bible and find answers for facing the issues and challenges you deal with every day. These simple study guides will help you discover the Bible's basic teachings and reveal what the future holds.

Discover Bible Guides

The Discover Guides will help you discover answers to some of life's deepest questions, such as:
  • How can I find peace of mind?
  • Is there hope for our chaotic world?
  • Is there life after death?
  • How can I find love, hope and security?

Focus on Prophecy

Bible prophecy will come to life as you study these beautifully illustrated, easy-to-follow guides. Do you have questions about Armageddon, or the Mark of the Beast - the mysterious number 666, or the end of the world? Then these guides are for you - a chapter-by-chapter study of the books of Daniel and Revelation.

Native New Day

Native New Day is written for Native People by Native People. These 30 guides will take you on a journey through the Bible's main themes.


Hey Kids! These 14 Bible guides are written just for you! There's puzzles, stories and activities
with each lesson to make learning about the Bible fun. And hey, have you ever wondered about
things like:
  • Are ghosts for real?
  • How can I stop being lonely?
  • Is it safe to try a little witchcraft?

Shema Israel

The Shema Israel Bible course is designed for people with Jewish heritage or Christians who wish to rediscover their Jewish roots. Written by a Jewish scholar, this course take into account both the Hebrew text and the testimony of ancient Jewish sources.

Bible Lessons in Other Languages

Discover Guides or other Bible lessons on various topics are available in numerous languages.
Bible lesson website: www.biblestudies.com
Bible lesson website for junior-age kids: www.kidzvop.com
Bible lessons by cell phone: www.biblestudies.com/cell
Bible lessons by mail: DISCOVER, P.O. Box 67131, Lincoln, NE 68506